The arrival of paid vacation for the Western working class around the 1930s marks the beginning of the annual summer getaways. Water, as a symbol of rest and calm, has quietly become an outlet for the everyday routine of the average worker. The water basins being anchored in the romantic depiction of the world, that of Caspar David Friedrich's, typify both the urge for the escape of the daily and the desire for liberty.

Les Vacances du Vacancier en Vacances is a waterfall, a fractional photographic installation that conceals an imaginary of authenticity. Wanting to momentarily break away from his monotonous activities, the individual still seeks comfort in his fled. He is systematic in his tastes and choices; a nostalgic reaction to the changes of the world.

The vacation is defined, among other things, as an activity of distinction and principle. The individual tries to stand out within the mass in order to elevate his retirement into a unique adventure. However, the repetition of the chosen destination fuels the same memory; a kind of circular unconscious interaction.

This project is the extension of a movement, of an action taken and repeated as much by the subjects photographed as by the creator of images; a documentation of a perpetual practice.

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