A note for you, and for them.



Your archetypal situation is one that should alert the governing people.

So many residents of Porto are being illegally kicked out in the streets after repeated bullying maneuvers executed by real estate developers. Their goal is to rebuild a scenery better suited within the context of the exponential growth of the mass tourism market as to sell or rent housing at higher prices to visitors. They are, in essence, destroying culturally, socially and family established homes. They are, ultimately, altering locations into products.

I send my love to you, and to your daughter. I am sure she would be proud of a father that knows no other way than using empathy and humanism when opening his door to anyone crossing his path in the city.

True goodness is a virtue that no one can fully understand; done in the shades of society; that does not demand for admirability.

I only hope that your refuge will stay unaffected by the heresy of business bulldozers.

Stay safe,

- Massi

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