Le Massi is a Canadian visual artist, musician, and actor based in Paris. He received his BFA, photography major, from Concordia University in 2019. He is currently part of the Kourtrajme collective/school based in Paris-Monfermeil.

His visual work has been exhibited in Canada, France, England, the United States, Spain, and Belgium. He was one of the BJP 2019 Portrait of Britain Volume 2 laureate,  had a solo show during the fourth edition of the InCadaqués photo festival in 2020, and was part of The World Within show for the fifth edition of the PhotoBrussels festival in 2021. He is one the winners of the BJP 2021 Portrait of Humanity Awards.

He is part of two artist duos - CubeAndre & ejs.lm - and was a founding member of the band Human Human.

His photographic work combines elements of poetry, travel, and spontaneity. In doing so, he reframes the seductive qualities of wanderlust into the sublime fragility of photographic representation and beauty.

"I am driven by the idea of exoticism, a quality that imbues an object with intrinsic curiosity for the one who engages with it. I find myself seeing those objects in a multiplicity of components ranging from human bonds, nature’s wonders, and cultural novelty. As an explorer of my own judgment, my investigations rely on both research and contingency considering life as an unpredictable concept."

His methodology also takes roots in the absence of meaning as the meaning behind the essence of consciousness. Doubting being at the core of all his motivations, his practice acts as an enigma solver for the multiplicity of brief ascertainments his mind allows him to envision. An answer often becomes another question: his devotion for the arts only gets more invigorated.

“I am an entity filled and constructed by what I’ve been thought, therefore am not entirely possessing the true and undeniable capacity of choosing. Choices are the equations of all the thoughts and stimuli that have entered or left my mind and body since my birth. Revelations, or subjugations, arise where my critical thinking starts working. For then commences a doubting phase which essentially, and inevitably, never stops. In the end, there are no right choices, only choices that fit our personal needs and beliefs.”



2020-2021 École Kourtrajme, Paris- Montfermeil, France

2015-2019 BFA Studio Arts, Photography Major, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2013-2015 Minor in Communication Studies, Université du Québec à Montreal, Canada

2006-2009 DEC Cinema and Communication, CEGEP Edouard-Montpetit, Longueuil, Canada


2020 Archipel,InCadaqués Photo Festival, Cadaqués Spain - Duo w/ Elea Jeanne Schmitter


2021 Portraitof Humanity 2021 Global Tour: Belfast Photo Festival (Ireland), PHOTO 2021 (Australia), Indian Photo Festival (India) 

2021 Photographyis Dead. Long Live Photography!, Candela Gallery, Richmond, VA, USA.

2021 The World Within, PhotoBrussels Festival, Hangar Photo Art Center, Brussels,Belgium

2019 Sky High Skies, Transpace Gallery, Normal IL, USA

2019 Art Crawl, Villeray, Montreal, Canada

2019 Le Printemps des Photographes, Sète, France

2019 On a Scale of One to Ten, Viaduc Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2019 Look At What You Made me Do, Art Matters Festival, Espace 8, Montreal, Canada

2019 Digital Dreams, Art Matters Festival, Studio Rialto, Montreal, Canada

2018 Nature, Le Livart, Montreal, Canada

2018 Enclosed Comforts, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2018 Modest Proposals, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada

2018 The States of Becoming, Le Livart, Montreal, Canada

2018 The Art of Sinking, Art Matters Festival, Gham & Dafe, Montreal, Canada

2017 Leftovers Collective, Hackney WickED Festival, White Post, London, UK

2017 Conversations, Concordia Photography Collective, Artgang, Montreal, Canada

2017 Ontology, Art Matters Festival, Espace Projet, Montreal, Canada

2017 Temps Incongrus, Gallery X, Montreal, Canada

2017 Empty Weight, VAV Gallery, Montreal, Canada


2020 France.Tv Slash, France 

2018 The Block Film & Art Festival, Logan, Utah, USA

2018 Art of Brooklyn Film Festival, NYC, USA

2017 Antimatter Media Art Festival, Victoria, Canada


2017 Wanderlust, Concordia University, Stanstead, Canada


2021 Portraitof Humanity, British Journal of Photography, UK

2018 Elspeth McConnell Fine Arts Award, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2018 Travel Grant, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada

2017 Fondation McAbbie Bursary for Photography, Concordia University, Montreal, Canada


2017 Framework/Timeraiser150, Canada


2021 Portraitof Humanity Vol.3, project by British Journal of Photography, published by Hoxton Mini, Press, London, UK

2020 IrreplaceableRessources, Lose the Film Zine, Portland, OR, USA

2019 Portrait of Britain Vol. 2, project by British Journal of Photography, published by Hoxton Mini Press, London, UK

2019 Dust, Darkslide V, Concordia Photo Collective, Montreal, Canada

2019 Language, The Void Magazine, volume 17, issue, Canada

2018 Spill, The Void Magazine, volume 17, issue 1, Montreal, Canada

2018 Figures de Style Magazine, Volume 1, Montreal, Canada

2018 Clicks, Darkslide IV, Concordia Photo Collective, Montreal, Canada

2018 Dig, The Void Magazine, volume 16, issue 2, Montreal, Canada

2018 Interfold Magazine, Issue 14, Montreal, Canada


2016 The Last Scenes of the Monuments, by Human Human, 1989 Records, Montreal,


2014 RUN, by Human Human, 1989 Records, Montreal, Canada

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