Here We Are is a photographic series that studies landscapes as cultural sites and the people passing through them. Through a practice based on the exploration of emblematic places, Le Massi examines the social, anthropological and aesthetic attitudes of those who visit, explore, scrutinize and contemplate; of those arriving at


"I am looking. I'm a part of. And I'm also searching. I scout, I record. Investigation: reverse voyeurism. I am amazed. We all are, caught up in the bigger than ourselves, the new, the strange and the sublime.

We are now part of the coveted sites, our trace being indelible, our presence implicit in the coming of each other. We belong to elsewhere, straddling virgin and visited territories, thus marking the world as a whole."

This diptych work is born from these observations, then from a fascination to report on a correlation between these individual experiences: they respond to each other, resonate and bind under the tutelage of an imaginary of authenticity, provoke a shared sensation, and connect the viewer to this collective unconsciousness.

The destination matters little: it is the quest that predominates.

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